Online Quotation Monitoring in Brazil

Our Brazilian branch has held a Business Coffee at the events center “São Paulo Center“, where Heads of Technology areas from different local companies had the opportunity to share and exchange their experiences and main problems.

Under the theme “Online Quotation Monitoring”, major Brazilian companies such as Mapfre, Metlife, Mitsui Sumitomo and Yasuda got to know how other international companies have improved their visibility and incidents management and how they are achieving a process of continuous improvement.

The main topics discussed throughout the morning: critical services management at insurance companies, online quotation service management, identification of the causes of direct business impact, and how to obtain critical information from KPIs that affect applications performance.

If you want to know more about these topics, please watch the following video: How to ensure the availability of the Online Quotation services at Insurance companies

How to improve the service quality of your company’s remote offices

A wide network of branches operating throughout the country, many offices in different regions and a range of globalized services are some of the realities faced by many companies. The complexity of these organizations makes it difficult for their IT departments to ensure service availability at each of the different locations. Is this the reality of your company?

If so, watch the following video and we’ll to show you how to solve this problem. Discover in just 5 minutes how you can get visibility into the status of all your branch offices, agencies or any network locations you need to control.

Learn how to:

  • Rapidly detect incidents and establish a process of continuous improvement
  • Recognize the impact each failure has on the business in order to easily prioritize which should be solved first
  • Use management dashboards to see service status in real time
  • Automatically generate reports on service levels, availability and user experience

How Raiffeisen Bank Hungary gained visibility of its critical services

Raiffeisen Bank Hungary (part of Raiffeisen Bank Group, with its head office in Viena, Austria), had little visibility of its critical services, due to the isolated use of platform monitoring tools.

However, as well as their competitors, the bank was ready to offer the best service possible to its internal and external users. That´s why they started a Business Service Management project with our solution.

In the 2011 edition of our Monitoring Symposium in Spain, Gabor Jeck, Chief of IT Operations, and Csanád Melegh, Chief of Applications and Systems Management, from Raiffeisen Bank, presented their case study.

We were able to respond faster to incidents. We immediately noticed the advantage of the solution,” explained Csanád Melegh.

We invite you to watch the video and discover how Raiffeisen Bank Hungary has managed to reach a “helicopter view” in every platform, application and critical business service with a significant improvement of service levels in every day operations.

Watch Raiffeisen Bank’s case study

Tango/04 was chosen by CentraState HealthCare System

Tango/04 Computing Group was selected by CentraState HealthCare System for the deployment of their monitoring solution.

As a result of the Health Care Reform, the hospital, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, needed to be able to control when and by whom medical records are updated.

To comply with this new regulation and maintain the integrity of their records, the hospital’s IT Security & Compliance Department has recently implemented Tango/04´s Data Monitor for iSeries to monitor many critical and sensitive files.

CentraState HealthCare System is a nonprofit community health organization consisting of an acute-care hospital, an ambulatory campus, three senior living communities, a family medicine residency program, and a charitable foundation.

For more information regarding this news read the press release on our website:

Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i in the world press

As an avid reader of our Monitoring Blog, you probably know that recently launched our new Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i.

The news quickly spread throughout the world and today we are sharing the articles published by the most important global media specializing in IBM i / iSeries that covered our launch.

“Tango/04 Distills IBM i Operations Knowledge into New Module”


“Tango/04 Launches State-of-the-Art, Service-Oriented IBM i Monitoring Package”




Happy Programmers’ Day!

Celebrated annually on the 256th day of the year, Programmers’ Day is an international professional holiday recognized in the world of Technology.

We at Tango/04 Group would like to greet all our programmers and thank them for their every day work. None of our software would have been made possible if it weren’t for your efforts developing it.

We invite you to watch the following video about the meaning of being a programmer: So you want to be a developer

Happy Programmer Day!

Agile Service Management

Imagine the following. Bill Gates himself is looking to insure his latest car. And just as he fills out his data in the Online Quotation tool of your insurance company, the server times out. Gates gets impatient and closes the deal at your competitor. Thousands of dollars lost in a split second of downtime. Not to mention the damage on your company image.

Conclusion? Critical business services should be available at ALL times. Acting swiftly to incidents affecting this availability is therefore of vital importance to IT Departments. But what criteria to use to decide which incident is to be solved first, out of all those occurring at a given time?

Our solution is not just software. We give you the secret recipe for success embedded in our software.

Tango/04 Group has been a pioneer of Agile Service Management since 2007. We created practical, ITIL 2011-aligned, and successfully proven Agile Processes you can use to rapidly model your services, align IT with Business, and continuously improve the quality of the services provided by the IT department. This is as important and strategic to IT, as it is to the whole company.

Discover Agile Service Modeling with Tango/04 Group. The short videos on this website will give you a quick idea of how these processes work.

New Standard for Monitoring iSeries / IBM i

Over the last 20 years, the good old AS/400 – iSeries – IBM i platform has undergone many changes. As we at Tango/04 Group strive for continuous improvement, we believed it was time to take a deeper look at the needs of our customers using IBM i technology.

The result? Our brand new Operations Knowledge Module for IBM I; a complete monitoring environment that provides modern, agile and business-aligned availability and performance management of IBM I systems and applications.

You can deploy this solution in just a few days and customize it with drag-and-drop easiness to manage Service Levels of packaged or custom applications. It also has the potential to expand into Security and Compliance, full multiplatform monitoring, or even to become a full-fledged enterprise BSM solution with a much more attractive ROI than other legacy solutions.

So stop wasting time and meet the fresh, ITIL-aligned Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i, the brand new standard for monitoring your IBM I.

Click here to read the press release on this news.

The sky is the limit!

5 reasons why you should improve your monitoring

Feeling overwhelmed by the constantly changing and never-ending demands of today’s business world? Tango/04 Group published a special eBook to respond to the pressure arising from the need to improve SLAs and company results, achieve more control and reducing staff.

The eBook is intended to provide you with ideas on how to add real value to your company by improving your current monitoring. Did you know, for example, that better monitoring enables you to meet more demands, with the same or less resources? Or that you can both demonstrate and increase your ROI?

By implementing the right monitoring tools for your company, you will be able to provide all the Visibility you need while simultaneously establishing a process of continuous improvement.

We invite you to read our “eBook: 5 reasons why you should improve your monitoring” and advance your professional career!