Latest HotFix for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole v8.0

We’ve frequently received the question “What is the latest HotFix for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole v8.0 and where can I download it?“. Here’s the answer.

A new HotFix is now available for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole: Version 8.0 SP01 HF02.

It can be downloaded from our Web site or from the Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner:

Please remember that Hotfixes are patches for specific, particular purposes. If you are not experiencing any issues, this HotFix should not be applied unless instructed otherwise by our representative.

“If user performance and availability expectations rise, ECA is the solution,” says Gartner

Days ago, Gartner Inc. published its Vendor Landscape for IT Event Correlation and Analysis (ECA) report in which Tango/04 Group was mentioned as one of the vendors in the category.

According to the report, ECA solutions provide the critical approach necessary to solve the rising performance and availability expectations of IT services, by speeding the reactive solution of problems and adding predictive and preventive activities in dynamic and complex infrastructures.

However, the effectiveness of event correlations tools lies in the availability, focus and relevance of the information provided for analysis. Inadequate definition of a strategy to gather event data before deployment would be one of the main reasons why many of these projects are likely to stall.

Therefore one of the most important differentiating factors of the Tango/04 Group has always been our strategy that, which, combined with our leading technology and innovating agile processes, allows for case studies of global companies such as NikeZurich and many others.

Nike: BSM to manage the most critical business services

Nike’s regional warehouse located in Belgium needed to deploy a corporate monitoring solution to manage the most critical logistic business services. To face this challenge the company decided to extend the usability and scope of our VISUAL Message Center solution to new areas of the company, completely covering the logistics of its regional warehouse in Belgium.

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Intelligent Business Management at Pierre Fabre Ibérica

When the Spanish subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company opened its new highly automated logistic warehouse, Pierre Fabre Ibérica decided to extend its infrastructure and security monitoring to all business processes.

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New HotFix for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole

We have just released a new HotFix for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole: Version 7.5 SP06 HF04.

Download it from our Web site (or from the Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner):

Please remember that Hotfixes are patches for specific, particular purposes. If you are not experiencing any issues this HotFix should not be applied, unless instructed otherwise from our representative.

Danone exports the success of its monitoring project to Brazil

After having received a recommendation from Danone Argentina about their experience with VISUAL Message Center, the world leader company in fresh dairy products has once again chosen Tango/04 Group to monitor its operations.

This time, to control the processes and systems which give support to the daily operations at its Brazilian subsidiary. One of the project’s objectives is the integration of their legacy systems with the central platform located in the French headquarters.

In order to move forward with this project, a huge part of the technological infrastructure that supports the business processes needs to be developed, adapted and modified, as its technological environment does not yet have any monitoring tools in place.

Projects like these present our company as a prominent monitoring option for branch offices at different international locations within the same company.

Lmsis in our offices in Barcelona

A few days ago, Ricardo Santos and Diogo Mateus, consultants from our Partner in Portugal, Lmsis, were on-site at our Barcelona headquarters to participate in a training.

During their visit, our consultant Christian Clottu gave them the knowledge needed for the installation of all products comprising the VISUAL Message Center solution, as well as training on the use of all features of our Web products Reports, Dashboards and SmartConsole Web Client.

Also included in the training period was a full explanation of the new implementation module that has recently been launched—the Operations Knowledge Module for IBMi. Moreover, they were introduced to the use of Python code to enhance the functionality of default ThinkServer monitors, and given a detailed training on Data Monitor.

We are really happy to work with our partners!


BIG DATA forum by LEVEL3

A few days ago, Walter Silveti, our Sales Manager for Latin America, participated as a speaker at the Level 3 forum: “BIG DATA, SMALL WORLD. Looking to convert data into reliable and timely information,” wich took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Walter took an interesting approach on this topic as he highlighted that, despite the huge volume of data and information that companies generate today, only what is relevant to rhe business is important to management.

Also, being one of the only Security specialists at the event, he explained how “Big Data is a Big Problem”, when it comes to Security, as operating systems, databases, communication equipment and applications generate a huge amount of information complying with the 3Vs: Volume, Variety and Velocity.

There is a big variety of logs in which events are registered in different formats. That is why it is very important to have an efficient tool to correlate and detect certain situations in real time. A security log generates a huge amount of data per day and not all of it is relevant. Moreover, this data is saved in different ways, which are not standardized, due to which it´s important to be able to reduce that amount of information and standardize it to ease its management,” said Walter.

In the financial system, for example, all this information is used to analyze the compliance of several regulations and practices such as: rules from the Central Bank or supervisory entities, and international norms such as SOX or PCI. That’s how we add another V with our monitoring tool: the V for VISIBILITY, an extra V that really contributes and adds value to the business, turning data into trusty and timely information.

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Tango/04 Photography Contest for the 2013 Calendar

As the year´s end is approaching… so is the Tango/04 annual Photography Contest.  We therefore invite you to submit your best photos and participate for a position in our 2013 Calendar.

A special Tango/04 jury will select the best 12 images that will be viewed by hundreds of our customers from countries all over the world.

The protographer of the winning picture will get to choose one of two spectacular prizes: a New iPad of 16GB or a Nikon D3000 digital SRL camera!

If you are a Tango/04 customer, send us your pictures and join the 500 predecessors that have already participated in the contest. Send an email to and we will provide you with the rules and conditions to be able to participate in the contest.

You have until Monday, October 29th, to submit your photos!

Presenting the Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i

Recently, Tango/04 Group has presented its new Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i, the brand new standard for monitoring your IBM i.

Years of experience and best practices have been translated into a product that gives you unprecedented agility for monitoring systems and applications, not just isolated technical components.

On Wednesday October 3rd, 2pm EST, Tango/04 Group will host a webinar during which you can learn how we can help you and your IBM i team to earn more visibility and respect, save time, improve service quality and be in perfect sync with the Business.

In less than an hour, this informative webinar will touch upon topics such as how to align your IBM i team with the Business, manage real IT services, quickly solve technical issues and finally, how to guarantee a process of continuous service improvement.

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