Ensure the availability of your Online Quotation Service

Online Quotation - ENG

Insurance companies throughout the world use Online Quotation applications as one of the main channels for agents, banks and clients to request quotations and to issue insurance policies. Any delay in response time of this service can result in the loss of new sales, damage the company image and negatively impact user satisfaction.

This video shows how leading insurance companies all over the world, such as Zurich Financial Services, ING Nationale-Nederlanden, and MAPFRE,  ensure their service levels and very easily obtain real-time visibility of their Online Quotation, using Tango/04 solutions.

Evolve with the Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i


This year we´ve released our Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i, a new standard to monitor iSeries – IBM i, based on our collected experience and the best practices obtained through successful deployments in hundreds of companies like yours.

This time, we invite you to watch this webinar and learn, in less than a half hour, how we can help you:

  • Align your IBM i team with Business
  • Easily guarantee Continuous Service Improvement
  • Manage IT Services
  • Quickly solve technical issues

Click here to watch the video and know how to obtain modern and agile management of Availability and Performance for IBM i systems and applications, aligned with Business.

Supported Databases

“Is SmartConsole 8.0 compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012?”
“Does AccessServer support Oracle 10g?”

In addition to monitoring a variable range of databases, our solution can also store its own events across a range of commercial databases.

Since we often receive questions concerning databases, here we share with you a document with different databases supported by our products.

Click here to read the complete document: http://kb.tango04.com/sites/default/files/all-t04_dbms-en.pdf

Pressure Relief for Insurance companies: How we make your Processes more Agile

Oracle released a white paper this week focusing on the modernization of applications in the insurance industry and how early adopters of agile technology have gained a competitive edge. The problem is that modernizing is time-consuming and complex and if you don’t have a good process, it’s going to be even harder to deploy.

In addition, if you’re not monitoring new services and able to measure not only if the service is available but also if it is meeting your business needs, your process is not complete. How can you prove that the business is getting their ROI in the modernization?

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Business Process Visibility Narrows the Gap between IT and Business at Pitt Ohio Express

There are many companies out there that have plenty of monitoring tools in place, but nevertheless no central way of viewing the status of their critical, cross-platform processes.

In the case of Pitt Ohio Express, the company lacked rapid ways to determine root causes or translate individual issues into direct costs or Business Impact.

This webinar presented by the leader of the BSM monitoring project from Pitt Ohio Express, shows how radically application and process Visibility increase after implementing Tango/04 Monitoring. Not only did the company achieve its project goals but a few completely unexpected positive results also presented themselves.

Watch the webinar and let us show you how our solution can also help your company to more precisely determine and benchmark application performance levels, to subsequently exceed those; replace multiple existing monitoring tools saving you large amounts of time and money; and to significantly decrease the number of support issues, among many other issues.

And the winner is…

This year’s photography contest has come to an end. From all entries, a special Tango/04 jury has selected the 12 most striking photos.

On top of that, they were challenged to choose the contest winner, who will get to pick the prize from either a New 16GB iPad or a Nikon D3000 digital SLR camera!

View the selected photos now!

We’d like to thank all participating clients. Special congratulations go out to those whose photographs will shine in our 2013 calendar!

Every year, thousands of IT professionals all around the world appreciate your artistic efforts and decorate their desks with the Tango/04 calendar.

Important Analyst highlights us as a European Monitoring leader

Once again the most important IT analysts of the industry talk well about us… In a recent report (dated last month) our monitoring solution stood out from other event correlation solutions for its capability of representing Dashboards directed to both IT and Business audiences. Our User Interface was mentioned as one of the most modern and our extensive scope, which includes Operations Monitoring, Security and BSM in the same solution (our famous “1-2-3”), was again highlighted.

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New HotFix for VISUAL Message Center ThinkServer

We have just released a new HotFix for VISUAL Message Center ThinkServer: Version 1.6 SP05 HF01.

Download it from our Web site (or from the Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner): http://www.tango04.com/support/new-hotfix-visual-message-center-thinkserver-v16-12

Please remember that Hotfixes are patches for specific, particular purposes. If you are not experiencing any issues this HotFix should not be applied, unless instructed otherwise from our representatives.

How to generate new licenses when changing hardware

Doesn’t changing or upgrading hardware send chills down your spine? Will everything work all right after the change? Will I be able to continue monitoring?

Yes! You just need to follow this procedure when executing an upgrade or a change in the hardware of your server.

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Manage your incidents with agility

Technical incidents never come alone. You typically need to deal with 2, 3, or more incidents simultaneously. So how do you correctly prioritize, using business impact as a crucial criterion, which incident to solve first?

This is why we propose an efficient approach for the monitoring and resolution of incidents, by alerting about what has most impact on the business. Watch the following video to learn about Agile Incident Management.

Our products help your processes to become agile, while proactively responding to business needs.

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