Pressure Relief for Insurance companies: How we make your Processes more Agile

Oracle released a white paper this week focusing on the modernization of applications in the insurance industry and how early adopters of agile technology have gained a competitive edge. The problem is that modernizing is time-consuming and complex and if you don’t have a good process, it’s going to be even harder to deploy.

In addition, if you’re not monitoring new services and able to measure not only if the service is available but also if it is meeting your business needs, your process is not complete. How can you prove that the business is getting their ROI in the modernization?

The paper also pointed out that the companies felt that they could offer more value to their customers by being able to offer more efficient and faster service. Being able to provide continuous improvement to critical business services and applications will allow IT to offer a higher value to both external and internal customers.

In any case, what it is profoundly true is that companies that do not offer great customer (external and internal) experience will feel the pressure. More and more.

This article reminded me a lot of the case study that was presented by Zurich Financial Services at our Monitoring Symposium earlier this year. Please view the video for a real life case of how Tango/04 can help companies to gain visibility into their critical services, allowing for continuous improvement:

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