Challenging the Mayan prophecy: Happy New Year!


Presuming the Mayan prophecy will not come true; a new year is coming soon!

We’d like to encourage you to always seize the day and start off 2013 with the most ambitious goals and the highest expectations.

Our team is ready to provide value through relevant, agile and successful projects, so you, your department, and your company advance.

See you again next year with new and breakthrough monitoring ideas.

All the best for 2013!

We’ve launched our Customer Portal!

We have great news! Starting this week, our customers have the opportunity to access an exclusive web portal, where they will find all the information available related to our products and services, our monitoring solution, and many other interesting materials.


This initiative came up as a result of our last year’s customer satisfaction survey. We think this tool is going to be extremely useful as it has been designed based on needs indicated by our customers.

Some of the sections you can find in the Portal are:

  • My Account: Products and hired services, important contact information, reports and requests for Advanced Services.
  • Training: Includes technical documents and video tutorials.
  • Support: You can open a Technical Support case and obtain technical information from our Knowledge Base.
  • Product Updates: Access new product updates like HotFixes.
  • News and events: Details of our current promotions and communications.

For further information, contact us by sending an email to

How to internally justify a Corporate Monitoring Project

It is well-known all over the whole world that it is hard for IT departments in many companies to get project approval. Even more so in times of crisis.

It is therefore essential for any CIO, Technology Manager or Security Officer to effectively communicate the value the proposed project can bring to your company. Are you looking for approval to launch a monitoring project? Are you not sure how to justify such an investment? Don’t know how to best present your proposal for it to be accepted by those who need to make the decision in your company?

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To help you overcome these barriers, we have collected 6 tips on how to internally justify a Corporate Monitoring Project which we’d like to share with you in the form of an eBook. These ideas will contribute to being better prepared when proposing the project to your CFO, to Management… or to whomever!

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In case you’d like to receive more information, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Agile modeling of critical Business Services

Critical business services should be available at all times. Therefore, one of the main functions of the IT Department is to ensure the normal functioning of all the technology components that support those services.

We’d like to show you how to model the Critical Services of your company in just a matter of days, using a method that is simple, flexible, intuitive, and 100% compatible with ITIL Version 3.

Modeling Critical Business Services

Our monitoring solution can help you to easily:

  • Speed up IT processes
  • Meet business needs in a proactive manner
  • Increase the credibility and relevance of IT within the company

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And the winner of the second iPad of the year is…

As part of our “Advance” campaign, on November 27 the second drawing of the year for an iPad 2 took place.

iPad image

And the winner of the iPad 2 is…

Silvia Torigoe,
IT Manager
Intermédica, Brazil

We thank all participants and especially congratulate the winner.Should you wish to participate in the next drawing, we invite you to register on the following site: 

The closing date of the next drawing is Friday June 28, 2013.

New HotFix for VISUAL Message Center Dashboards

We have released a new HotFix for VISUAL Message Center Dashboards: Version 2.5 SP01 HF01.

Download it from our Web site (or from the Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner):

Please remember that Hotfixes are patches for specific, particular purposes. If you are not experiencing any issues this HotFix should not be applied, unless instructed otherwise by our representatives.