Case Study BBVA-Corporate: Safe Walking

T04 Symposium BBVA

One of the biggest challenges we have as a worldwide bank is that globalization processes turn IT into service providers. This makes us have to receive scores and sign agreements regarding information quality and compliance,” explains Juan Pablo López de la Fuente, Head of Technical Systems, C&IB at BBVA.

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Tech Tip: make the SmartConsole fly with automated database housekeeping


From SmartConsole Version 8.0 onwards, the SmartConsole Kernel fills a set of tables located inside the SmartConsole database, with the events that match any filter of any Business View. These new event tables will be used later by the Messenger Service to feed the SmartConsole Web Client Messages Panel.

To prevent performance issues, it is important to set Database Settings Administrator to purge these events automatically in order to maintain good performance levels, both in the Kernel and the Web Client.

So which is the solution?

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Total Visibility: Increase control and add value to your business

We all know that Visibility is an essential condition for controlling the most critical problems within a company. But do we know exactly what Visibility means?

To begin this debate, we invite you to read the following White Paper, where we go deeper into the concept of Visibility and the need within organizations to preserve and improve service levels in real time, add value to the business, strengthen security, and speed up the process of making decisions, maximizing resource efficiency.

WP Visibi ENG

Take in some case studies of companies experiencing benefits obtained through solutions that provide Visibility to the IT Department and to the rest of the company.

For further information, read the following post in The Visibility Blog: The four layers of Visibility.


New features and fixes for VISUAL Message Center SharedObjects

We are happy to announce that our latest Service Pack for VISUAL Message Center SharedObjects V8.0 SP03 is now available to download.

This Service Pack may also contain one or more past HotFixes and other goodies. Check the corresponding Changes Log to get more details.

To download this Service Pack or to obtain more information, please visit our Web site (or our Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner).

Want to know how to gain Visibility into your IBM I applications?


Tango/04’s Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i enables you to quickly gain visibility into your most critical performance and application issues in a single, easy to use solution.

Join our Webinar on Wednesday January 23rd, to introduce you the fresh, ITIL-aligned Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i, the brand new standard for monitoring your IBM i.

Click here to subscribe to the Webinar at 10 AM EST.
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In less than an hour, we will show you a demo followed by an elaboration on how we can help you and your IBM i team to earn more visibility and respect, save time, improve service quality and be in perfect sync with the Business.

A study shows that 40% of managers have lost revenue or clients because of late decisions

A recently published report in the Spanish journal La Vanguardia shows how the lack of updates in IT structures of companies has a negative impact on their business results.

Why? The problem is that the rising quantity of data handled by companies makes it extremely necessary for IT managers to get approval to start new projects that incorporate and update the company’s technological infrastructure that administrates and manages that data.

The study about Decision Making done by Vanson Bourne for NetApp, states that 40% of Spanish executives claims to have lost money and clients as a result of late decision making. Also, 34% and 31% of managers feels being “offside” or that they are losing ground to the competition, mainly because strategy decisions are not made quickly.

Moreover, 46% of the respondents consider the complexity of the data stored in their IT infrastructure a barrier to decision making, followed by 42% mentioning the huge data volumes they contain.

These figures reflect the increasing importance of IT Departments with respect to strategic decision making, most of all in the current global context. That´s why it is crucial to have access to a technology that enables companies to act in an agile manner when facing unavailability of critical services that directly affect the business, allowing them to measure the potential cost of the incidents in order to know exactly which one to combat first.

We can help you avoid these kinds of problems. For example, one of our customers,  Zurich Insurance, came up with a new framework, defining the real-time unification of their monitoring systems as a key factor; unifying everything from the infrastructure to the business data, in order to anticipate and resolve possible incidents with agility, making the IT Department advance while aligning IT with the Business.

To read the full article in Spanish about Decision Making study click here.



After several months of fighting valiantly against a brain tumor, John Earl has left us last night.

John was the founder of Powertech, an innovative security company for AS/400-iSeries-IBM i that created the internal firewall market (based on exit points) with its product Powerlock. John was one of the world’s leading experts in security on the platform.

It was a pleasure working with you, John, through our partnership with Powertech. We will always remember you.

John at a Tango/04 event in Barcelona, 2001

John at a Tango/04 event in Barcelona, 2001

Most popular post of 2012


A new year has started and with it a new phase of The Monitoring Blog, on which we share our vision/04 in order to help you and your company advance.

We’d like to invite you to read the blog’s most popular post of 2012.  Gartner: Business Service Management (BSM) rated as highly beneficial – showing the great benefits that can be obtained through the deployment of Business Service Management solutions.

For this year we promise you new ideas that will allow you to reach an agile and innovative approach for your monitoring projects and give you incredible results.

Have a successful 2013!