Improving Service Desk Productivity with a (beautiful) real-time dashboard

Do you know what a dashboard is? You probably do. A dashboard is a tool that allows you to monitor your technology, but also gives you full real-time visibility and lets you interpret key information for your business, quickly and easily.

Before deploying VISUAL Message Center Dashboards in Tango/04s very own Technical Support, some of the department’s work days were in real disorder. They went through veritable moments of “crisis,” because of the excessive quantity of unattended cases, low productivity, high staff turnover, and lack of awareness of the workload that their consultants were facing. Perturbed by this critical situation, the team thought it was time to think in terms of our own products in order to find the solution. That´s how this new initiative started…

Our Technical Support’s dashboard is a tool for the group´s day to day work used by the consultants, and for the organization of tasks and resources. It gives visibility of the statuses common to all cases and details of each, by consultant. Stored metrics allow us to make historical graphics and to analyze movements and trends for a larger scale analysis (in another dashboard).

The dashboard is shaped by Performance and Status Indicators.  It is difficult to predict how many and what types of problems can arise, but we can identify trends in open cases and the team’s workload. Knowing the average number of cases handled by a consultant lets us predict if they´ll be able to respond to all pending cases or if it is necessary for them to prioritize urgent ones. That is how they can choose whether to focus on customers in alert or to assist another consultant who is overloaded with cases. In the long term, it will be possible to predict if an increase in the number of cases will require an increase in the number of consultants, or if sacrificing response times could mean maintaining acceptable levels.


So, the creation of Technical Support’s dashboard, in conjunction with weekly meetings, helped to discover critical metrics about the department and adjust work processes and methods.

Today, they can analyze, in real time, these metrics:

  • the workload of each consultant, of the department, and the service in general
  • individual and collective performance
  • done and pending jobs
  • Response Time
  • Cases and Customers in alert

Advancing, they´ve also noticed other issues to improve, that, due to lack of time and visibility, they had never taken in mind. Now, Technical Support is working on optimizing the service to Customers and their general satisfaction, reducing initial diagnostic times and defining roles within the team to make the most out of each one’s skills. All as part of a continuous improvement process that they´ve accomplished thanks to the visualization of data in real time provided by Dashboards.

Having real-time visibility of the information that is critical for a company and its business eases and accelerates the improvement of processes and involves the team, increasing productivity, getting better results and more efficient work from it.

Passionate helpers – Core Value #3 of Tango/04’s Technical Support

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