New Version of VISUAL Message Center Dashboards

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version for VISUAL Message Center Dashboards – V8.0

The new features for this version are:

  • New Navigation Bar component for use in any dashboards
  • Custom Parameters in Business Component Links
  • SQL Server Session State support
  • Now the current HttpRequest object is available as the CurrentRequest variable in every Python script in Dashboards

To obtain more information, please visit our Customer Portal or our Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner

New Features and Fixes for VISUAL Message Center Database Settings Administrator V8.0

We are happy to announce that our latest Service Pack for VISUAL Message Center Database Settings Administrator V8.0 is now available to download.

This SP includes a great new feature. Now, migrating to the new ThinkServer database model is automatic! In the new user interface you will find a new tab called T4EVENTLOG Migration. The Migration Tool there  migrates your T4EVENTLOG events to the open-variable, Event Signature-capable model, and creates your new tables for you, maintaining nomenclature.

This Service Pack may also contain one or more past HotFixes and other goodies. Check the corresponding Changes Log to get more details.

To download this Service Pack or to obtain more information, please visit our Customer Portal or our Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner.

We have moved! New Tango/04 office in Brazil

A few days ago, Tango/04’s Brazilian team moved its office to Perdizes, a neighborhood to the west of São Paulo’s city center.

The new contact information of the Brazilian office:

Address: R. Turiassú, 591 – Conjunto 55 – 5th floor
Perdizes, São Paulo – CEP: 05005-001

Phone: +55 11 3675 6228

This change, besides the launch of the corporate website with its contents available in Portuguese, is the result of the company focusing and expanding into the Brazilian market.

To see the location of our new offices please click here.

TechTip: How to migrate your settings onto a new server

Our products allow for easy migration when changing servers. If you decide to update your servers, due to an increment in your monitoring scope or to improve the response times of our products, you can, thanks to being able to export and import their settings. About this: we first recommend updating your current server with the latest available version of a product beforehand, in order to ensure continuity in the migration.


After you’ve purchased that new server, update your VISUAL Message Center products to the latest versions if they are outdated, and consider installing the latest Service Packs or HotFixes. Once you’ve done that, make a clean install on the destination server.

Export the settings on your current server and import them on your target server.

Click here to see a document related to all this.

If you have any comments, please don´t hesitate to contact our team by e-mail, at

TechTip: How to know which of our solution’s products you have.

In the context of high demands like today’s, where time is always scarce, our Customer Support team wants to share the quickest and easiest way for you to recognize which of our solution’s products are installed in your environment, and what versions they are.

To make your job easier, at Tango /04 we use a CRM in which we have loaded information about all your machines and the products active in each, at each of our customers’ sites. In case you need help to identify which product you have got, you can contact your Account Executive and he or she will provide you with that information.

If you need to know which version of a product is installed, we recommend you follow these instructions, as they differ depending on product:

  • Windows Products: In the interface, go to HELP then About
  • Web Products: From your Web browser, click HELP, then About
  • iSeries Products: Click here to learn more.

If you have any comments, please don´t hesitate to e-mail