New Features and Fixes for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole

We are happy to announce that our latest Service Pack for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole – Version 8.0 SP03 is now available to download. This update is quite significant and brings SmartConsole to its best ever performance and stability.

With this SP, messages are now retrieved using multi-thread recollection, improving the speed of recoleection by up to 10 times to older versiones. Additionally:

*If one or more systems are down, recollections from the active connections are not stopped.

*Each recollection for every system is individual: if a connection to a system has a lot of events it will not affect the recollection of the other connections

In this SP we are also introducing new features and changes such as:

*Improvement on the performance of SmartConsole’s storage system: it can now process many more messages per second.

*Improvement on the integration with other products such as SmartConsole Web Client and Dashboards: changes in components such as Business Views are now shown instantaneously in all products.

This Service Pack may also contain one or more past HotFixes and other goodies. 

To obtain more information, please visit our Customer Portal or our Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner.

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