Does your company have a Quality Department?

How would you evaluate the service your company gives to its customers? Does the organization have a Quality Department? How aligned is the rest of the company with it?


Consumers’ high demands become more critical and raise impact on the business. In order to both get new customers and keep existing ones, companies need to pay more attention to customers’ expectations and needs.

Facing the strong competitiveness of an increasingly dynamic environment, it is important that companies have pleased customers. A consumer orientation for their products or services will provide them with better chances to reach success.

That is why it is necessary to incorporate a system focused on quality, adopting practices that help to achieve set objectives. This function can be directed by a Quality Department who are responsible for inspecting, monitoring and validating processes based on predefined standards based on customer demands.

So, for this year, defining a Quality area is something that should not be missing from the strategic plan of your company.

Companies that already have it overcome those who still don´t, because they offer better services and therefore retain their customers better and lose them less, thus protecting the revenue. And not only that, satisfied clients speak well of your business and attract new clients. It is a virtuous circle.

On the other hand, in companies where there is no good Quality management, the effect is the opposite, and that’s the risk that should be avoided.

The challenge for all IT, Risk, Security, Compliance, Audit, Services departments, is a challenge for us as professionals and for the company towards customers. We will not be successful if we are not helpful“.

To learn more about this click here to watch our CEO’s Raul Cristian Aguirre, presentation during our 2012 Monitoring Symposium in Spain.

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