Who doesn’t remember the good old AS/400 B60?

IBM i technology is celebrating 25 years! That is why we travel back in time to remember one of the first AS/400 models, B60.


Since its release, this technology has become one of the most popular computer systems at a corporate level. Back in 2000, this family of products was replaced by the IBM eServer iSeries, high performance corporate servers integrated to middle market companies.

Due to its anniversary, IBM has created #ibmi25 hashtag and a Facebook page.

During all this time, our company has accumulated experience from hundreds of successful iSeries deployments that have been brought together in a single module. In this way we help you and your IBM i team to gain visibility, save money and improve your quality of service by aligning it with the Business.

Find out more about our Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i by clicking here.

All about corporate monitoring in our new e-monitor

We have just lunched the first edition of our digital Magazine Monitor. Every two months we will share with our customers: case studies, practical examples, industry-relevant information and company news.


This new channel seeks to improve the communication among our customers, providing them with best practices for the management of their Department and the growth of their professional career.

Some of the news items in this edition are:

The International Press talks about SmartConsole 8.0


Once again, the world press echoed the launch of one of our products. This time, the release of version 8 of our SmartConsole was spread quickly around the world through leading technology media.

We share the coverage of our launch:

IBM System Magazine

IT Jungle

MC Press

CIO América Latina

Prensario TI

CXO Community

Diario TI

A Star is Born! SmartConsole 8.0, Ready for Cloud, iPad and Android

After several million dollars of investment and four years of research and deployment collecting expertise from hundreds of monitoring projects in thirty-eight countries, we are proud to announce Version 8 of our flagship monitoring solution.


After pioneering the Agile Service Management concept in 2007 to allow companies to deploy certain ITIL processes in a rapid and agile manner, this version simplifies Event Management and Continual Service Improvement, helps to improve user experience, and proactively detects any degradation or suspicious activity at the business level.

This version also introduces ThunderCloud©, a scalable Business Service Management (BSM) back-end that allows rapid and universal access to monitored information; builds upon its Holistic Monitoring concept by improving the ability to show key indicators through attractive, real-time dashboards;


Companies everywhere need to protect their revenue from competitors, and providing proper Quality of Service is key,” says our CEO, Raul Cristian Aguirre. “We are proud to lead the transition from technical oriented, less valuable monitoring projects into business-aligned, fully customer-oriented ones.”

SmartConsole 8.0 adds support for Cloud deployments, a gorgeous Android compatible interface, and dozens of new features for SmartConsole, Dashboards, Reports and other modules in the new Version.

SmartConsole V8 - Mobile view

Webinar: Learn how to protect, mitigate and align all that matters

After doing hundreds of successful deployments all over the world and collecting intelligence we have developed our Multiplatform Security Knowledge Module.

In almost 20 minutes you will discover how to easily protect all that matters, mitigate operational risks in real time and align the area of Information Security with the overall Business strategy.


At this event, we will show you how to:

  • Monitor Security incidents in real time
  • Model Security assets
  • Analyze the impact of detected incidentss de of detected incidents
  • Get Total Visibility through web-based dashboards
  • Automatically generate Compliance report

Watch the webinar recording by clicking here.

Tech Improvement Notice – iSeries SQL Agent

We have technical news to share with you.

Product: iSeries SQL Agent
Improvement: A new filtering by criteria for the iSeries SQL Monitor is described in.

  • 4.6.14 (page 25) Filter by Query Governor

Updated Documents:

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Product Version:
Product Documentation
VISUAL Message Center iSeries SQL Agent – User Guide
Description: VISUAL Message Center iSeries SQL Agent User Guide and Technical Reference
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