SmartConsole 8.0: new features for Dashboards, Reports and other modules

The latest version of our SmartConsole was released, and besides the features mentioned in it’s launching post, this brand new version includes an improved Real-Time Service Model (RTSM), devoted to rapidly modeling service dependencies and relationships for accurate root cause detection and business impact analysis.

SmartConsole V8 - EnterpriseViews with Tree

But that’s not all! It also adds new features for its modules in version 8.

Version 8 of SmartConsole includes:

  • Completely redesigned Web 2.0 Client
  • Native 64-bit compatibility
  • Built upon the new ThunderCloud© architecture
  • Tablet-enabled (iOS and Android)
  • Much faster event processing
  • Automatic Enterprise Views
  • New Player to automatically loop selected Views
  • Improved support for Automated Service Model generation
  • And much more

Version 8 of Dashboards includes:

  • Ability to access any ODBC-based database, besides the internal PMDB
  • Ability to add custom selectors for multidimensional navigation
  • Ability to automatically send dashboard screenshots in PDF format by email
  • Dynamic links and a new Link Generator to enhance integration with other products
  • New reusable component: customizable Navigation Bars
  • Scripting on Query Tables
  • And much more

Version 8 of Reports includes:

  • Improved Report Launcher
  • Much improved BSM Reports
  • Extended File Export support, report compression and several other enhancements in macros
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) support
  • Improved Reports’ Control Panel
  • Improved performance
  • And much more

New features of AccessServer Version 8 (inherited by Dashboards, SmartConsole and Reports) include:

  • Single Sign-On
  • New VIP users
  • New Windows Integrated Authentication (WIA) allows automated signing using current Windows credentials
  • Simplified User Management through Concurrent Users licensing model
  • Active Directory and multiple domain support
  • New, Faster Permission Cache system
  • And much more

SmartConsole V8 - EnterpriseViews Full panel

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