Happy New Year 2014


2014 will be a historic year.

But the interesting thing is we do not know why. That unknowing, that concern is the flame that will, day by day, wake us with excitement and enthusiasm so that we may take on our activities.

In these recent years, there have been many milestones that have revolutionized technology, the Internet and communication between people… milestones that have changed the world!

What will the historic milestone be in 2014? Let us be ambitious and go forward. We may be partakers of it.

Thanks for your daily support. Enjoy each day of the next year.

All the best for 2014!

Tango/04 Computing Group

A more agile technical support has arrived: New Online Ticket Management System


Tango/04 opens in its Customer Portal an Online Ticket Management tool. This tool will give you:

  • The ability to open Technical Support tickets online 24×7
  • Online visualization of the current statuses of your tickets and case histories
  • News about your open tickets
  • The ability to request the reopening of a closed ticket

And in general, it provides a much simpler and easier channel of communication, to offer our customers more relevance, speed and less risk. The service is now available on the Tango/04 Customer Portal so you can start using it.

This improvement has been developed in response to suggestions received in the Tango/04 customer survey held every year. We encourage you to keep sending suggestions to help us improve the service we provide every day.

Invest with your budget before it disappears!


2013 is ending and with it comes the revision of results, plans for next year and the closing of the budget. If your department was able to save part of its 2013 budget there is a good chance that it could be lost!

What better way to invest it than bettering your monitoring solution and making it more valuable to your business?

Tango/04 proposes some ideas that will assure that you end 2013 with an investment that returns immediate results.

Learn how