Insurance Policy Management monitoring with Alignia (last part)

After the great problems James experienced in the two previous issues of this story, at last we have the long-awaited happy ending. In this post, written by Carlos Lopez, Vertical Strategy Manager of Tango/04, James knows how Alignia can help him control the policy management service at his company.

Click here to read the first part of the story, and here to read the second one, if you haven’t done it yet.

Insurance Policy Management monitoring with Alignia (last part)

James, the CIO, has received information about all the modules of Alignia, including the reporting module.

James sees himself using Alignia in the future, to obtain SLA reports with continuous improvement on his mind. In these reports James will see availability percentages, mean time between failures, between repairs, etc. Even more interesting, he could see the list of the components with the most failures, helping him to improve the service by solving the problems of those components. He could see the root cause of his policy management failures.

James is calmer; his team is supporting the business at all times. Lisa, the sales channel manager, is proud and happy since all aggregators are showing quotations. Jessica, the customer, is delighted with her mobile application that allows her to buy new contracts, in any place, at any time. And the business people have congratulated James for his management and are more willing to support the new projects James suggests.

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