How Alignia helps you with your Omni-channel / Digital Transformation strategy?


Digital Transformation projects rely heavily on enabling new delivery channels and business functions, leveraging the Internet, smart mobile devices, extended enterprises, Big Data and Machine Learning to generate increased profits from an extended audience while reducing or completely eliminating the inconvenience and cost of manual procedures.

For most companies, offering the proper user experience across all the digital channels is key to competing in the new economy. 

Traditional monitoring paradigms that applied to the old monolithic world are simply not useful anymore. For instance, an all-or-nothing view of availability is obsolete when apps are delivered through different technical interfaces and business functions distributed among several servers or even run as microservices in virtualized containers.

Moreover, there is an increasing need to proactively manage the delivered experience for each relevant consumer (employees, partners, customers, VIP customers) across each channel. That should include not only online user experience, but also the provided service at all levels, which include measuring and managing the performance of each critical business process for each relevant consumer.

Alignia for Online Business Services provides much needed visibility of each one of the delivery channels, including legacy (5250/3270, GUI-based) and new (Web, smart apps, API-based) and for every relevant business function and business consumer.

Alignia for Business Processes ensures that all the surrounding process stages are executed properly and timely for each business consumer.

Alignia for Business Security makes sure that both online services and business processes are in compliance with the internal and external regulations and standards to minimize risk.

Also, as applications are becoming more and more an orchestration of small functions that are partially on premises, partially virtualized and partially on private or public Clouds, and they also must interface with an increasing number of external services, there is a need to properly model the IT dependencies of each business function or business process stage. As we transition from a monolithic approach, this is essential to accurately determine availability and to determine the root cause of any failures down to the IT elements these functions depend on.

Alignia provides an agile way to model these dependencies, which is key to rapidly fixing any incidents and also to accurately report service levels and to provide information for Continual Service and Process Improvement. 

With Alignia, the leading Digital Service Management solution, your company will be able to be alerted in real time to any degradation of performance, at any level and at every client, aligning all the teams (both IT and non-IT) with the actual business objectives.

In summary, Alignia provides the key to delight customers, enabling innovation, protecting revenue and maximizing the efficiency of operations.

Learn more about how Alignia, from Tango/04, can help you with your Omni-channel / Digital Transformation strategy here.

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