About the Tango/04 – Barcelona/04 Group

Tango/04 Computing Group, Inc. (Barcelona/04 in Latin America) is our company. It is a people-oriented, ever growing, privately owned software company that specializes in making the IT people more relevant.

Id est, more likable.

How? By providing them with software, processes and a proven vision about how to help their companies better.

We can tell you (many people learned this the hard way) that there is a big difference between doing just another monitoring project for internal use and starting a Visibility project for the whole company.

We try hard to convince people that the latter is the way that brings more happiness to everybody involved. And in fact it is faster and easier.

We are headquartered in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, with offices in many countries.

We like to say that our solutions are used by 11 of the 20 world largest banks and, moreover, it is true.

But see for yourself, here are the links to our websites: http://www.tango04.com/tango04-websites

And if you really want to know why Tango/04 is named this way, there is a post for that.

Happy reading!

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