Which is the role of the Security team in a digitalization project? Listen to the CISO of Nationale-Nederlanden

At the Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium 2015, Jordi Bueno, CIO at Nationale-Nederlanden, introduced the digitization project carried out by his company in order to be more profitable. On this occasion, Roberto Veronesse, CISO of the company, explains in an interview the fundamental role of the Security team in this project.

This digitization project dramatically modified Nationale-Nederlanden, extending its presence in the country, while lowering its costs by 85%. But in return the technological complexity increased and mostly the Security risks of the insurance sales and pre-sales process, which so far had been on paper. That is why Veronsse says: “The digitization project is entirely based on Security.”

“In Security you receive scoring goals every time… there are constant threats, a lot of Messis and Cristianos Ronaldos around…” -says Roberto, using soccer as a metaphor. He explains that the Security at Nationale-Nederlanden has a three level security strategy to prevent vulnerability in applications, fraud or any suspicious behavior in a process or application, which can result in a Business risk.

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Take a look at the CC&G command center in Rome!

Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia (CC&G), part of the London Stock Exchange Group, is the clearinghouse responsible for all the italian transactions involving derivates, cash equity and government bonds.

In the photo below, you can see how CC&G uses Alignia in a great command center in Rome to get visibility on their critical business services and processes of the stock markets. 


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The world’s largest stock of brandy, monitored by Alignia

Oréco is a French company dedicated to the storage of Cognac, with the largest brandy stock in the world. In less than 5 minutes, Daniel de Saint Ours, General Director at Oréco, explains how critical IT is to the Business and his experience with Alignia.

“To the Business of Oréco it is essential to keep the the flow of information between the warehouses and the central system, and between the central system and the IT department of our most important customers, since we transmit all the set of information in real time to them too”, says Daniel de Saint Ours, who states that IT represents the 50% of total activity at Oréco. That’s why Alignia has an essential role in the company: “I now permanently know the service level of my Information System and in case of problems I know exactly and very precisely which item does not work.”


Watch the video in which the head of Oréco explains the challenges of its IT department to give good service to the Business and how Alignia helps him to have absolute visibility of the data stock to identify each critical problem: the quality of service and availability rate of the Business.

Do not miss the interview here.

Interview with the CIO of CIB Bank Hungary in 5 minutes

Csaba Gallo, CIO of  CIB Bank in Hungary, the fourth largest bank in Hungary with more than 500,000 customers served through 100 branches, shares his experience with Alignia for Online Business Services in an interview.


Learn in 5 minutes, what are the biggest challenges the bank faces and why they decided to adopt a monitoring strategy for its critical online services, such as the online banking, and how Alignia helped them.

Watch the video of the interview here.

Alignia colaborates with insurance companies that expect an increase in online sales

According to Accenture, insurance sales through digital channels will reach 25,000 million euros a year in 2016

However, 60% of companies surveyed confessed that they do not have a digital strategy that gives customers full visibility across all channels, or have one that does not cover the entire value chain of insurance. They also identify limitations of their existing computer systems and their inability to react quickly.

Our new product, Alignia, perfectly suits the needs of insurance companies and the expectations of growth of digital channels.

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Integral Security and Critical Application Monitoring in Banking

Banco Industrial is a private Argentinean bank of local capital more than 80 years in the making. With a network of 28 branches in the country’s main cities, they provide integral services in Individual Banking, Enterprise Banking and Investment Banking.

Faced with the Central Bank’s increasing requirements, the company needed to monitor its systems in order to maintain an integral control of its security and critical applications in a way that would allow them to comply with the institution’s demands.

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Improving Service Desk Productivity with a (beautiful) real-time dashboard

Do you know what a dashboard is? You probably do. A dashboard is a tool that allows you to monitor your technology, but also gives you full real-time visibility and lets you interpret key information for your business, quickly and easily.

Before deploying VISUAL Message Center Dashboards in Tango/04s very own Technical Support, some of the department’s work days were in real disorder. They went through veritable moments of “crisis,” because of the excessive quantity of unattended cases, low productivity, high staff turnover, and lack of awareness of the workload that their consultants were facing. Perturbed by this critical situation, the team thought it was time to think in terms of our own products in order to find the solution. That´s how this new initiative started…

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Case Study BBVA-Corporate: Safe Walking

T04 Symposium BBVA

One of the biggest challenges we have as a worldwide bank is that globalization processes turn IT into service providers. This makes us have to receive scores and sign agreements regarding information quality and compliance,” explains Juan Pablo López de la Fuente, Head of Technical Systems, C&IB at BBVA.

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Pressure Relief for Insurance companies: How we make your Processes more Agile

Oracle released a white paper this week focusing on the modernization of applications in the insurance industry and how early adopters of agile technology have gained a competitive edge. The problem is that modernizing is time-consuming and complex and if you don’t have a good process, it’s going to be even harder to deploy.

In addition, if you’re not monitoring new services and able to measure not only if the service is available but also if it is meeting your business needs, your process is not complete. How can you prove that the business is getting their ROI in the modernization?

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Business Process Visibility Narrows the Gap between IT and Business at Pitt Ohio Express

There are many companies out there that have plenty of monitoring tools in place, but nevertheless no central way of viewing the status of their critical, cross-platform processes.

In the case of Pitt Ohio Express, the company lacked rapid ways to determine root causes or translate individual issues into direct costs or Business Impact.

This webinar presented by the leader of the BSM monitoring project from Pitt Ohio Express, shows how radically application and process Visibility increase after implementing Tango/04 Monitoring. Not only did the company achieve its project goals but a few completely unexpected positive results also presented themselves.

Watch the webinar and let us show you how our solution can also help your company to more precisely determine and benchmark application performance levels, to subsequently exceed those; replace multiple existing monitoring tools saving you large amounts of time and money; and to significantly decrease the number of support issues, among many other issues.