Total Visibility: Increase control and add value to your business

We all know that Visibility is an essential condition for controlling the most critical problems within a company. But do we know exactly what Visibility means?

To begin this debate, we invite you to read the following White Paper, where we go deeper into the concept of Visibility and the need within organizations to preserve and improve service levels in real time, add value to the business, strengthen security, and speed up the process of making decisions, maximizing resource efficiency.

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Take in some case studies of companies experiencing benefits obtained through solutions that provide Visibility to the IT Department and to the rest of the company.

For further information, read the following post in The Visibility Blog: The four layers of Visibility.


How to internally justify a Corporate Monitoring Project

It is well-known all over the whole world that it is hard for IT departments in many companies to get project approval. Even more so in times of crisis.

It is therefore essential for any CIO, Technology Manager or Security Officer to effectively communicate the value the proposed project can bring to your company. Are you looking for approval to launch a monitoring project? Are you not sure how to justify such an investment? Don’t know how to best present your proposal for it to be accepted by those who need to make the decision in your company?

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To help you overcome these barriers, we have collected 6 tips on how to internally justify a Corporate Monitoring Project which we’d like to share with you in the form of an eBook. These ideas will contribute to being better prepared when proposing the project to your CFO, to Management… or to whomever!

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In case you’d like to receive more information, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.