Agile modeling of critical Business Services

Critical business services should be available at all times. Therefore, one of the main functions of the IT Department is to ensure the normal functioning of all the technology components that support those services.

We’d like to show you how to model the Critical Services of your company in just a matter of days, using a method that is simple, flexible, intuitive, and 100% compatible with ITIL Version 3.

Modeling Critical Business Services

Our monitoring solution can help you to easily:

  • Speed up IT processes
  • Meet business needs in a proactive manner
  • Increase the credibility and relevance of IT within the company

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Agile Service Management

Imagine the following. Bill Gates himself is looking to insure his latest car. And just as he fills out his data in the Online Quotation tool of your insurance company, the server times out. Gates gets impatient and closes the deal at your competitor. Thousands of dollars lost in a split second of downtime. Not to mention the damage on your company image.

Conclusion? Critical business services should be available at ALL times. Acting swiftly to incidents affecting this availability is therefore of vital importance to IT Departments. But what criteria to use to decide which incident is to be solved first, out of all those occurring at a given time?

Our solution is not just software. We give you the secret recipe for success embedded in our software.

Tango/04 Group has been a pioneer of Agile Service Management since 2007. We created practical, ITIL 2011-aligned, and successfully proven Agile Processes you can use to rapidly model your services, align IT with Business, and continuously improve the quality of the services provided by the IT department. This is as important and strategic to IT, as it is to the whole company.

Discover Agile Service Modeling with Tango/04 Group. The short videos on this website will give you a quick idea of how these processes work.

Gartner: Business Service Management (BSM) rated as highly beneficial

Last week Gartner published the new Hype Cycle for Operations Management 2012, in which the Tango/04 group was mentioned as one of the few featured solution providers from all over the world in both the Event Correlation and Analysis (ECA) and Business Service Management (BSM) categories.

The report highlights that the adoption speed for BSM tools is slow but steady, as the benefit that can be obtained by these solutions is (as Gartner puts it) very high.

And we can really say so, as we have hundreds of clients that have implemented a successful BSM project, with huge benefits for IT and the whole company.

This is only true if the solution chosen is agile and provides benefits quickly, as patience from Business is increasingly limited. That is how we are leading with our Real-Time Service Model (RTSM) as the key to success for BSM.

An agile RTSM is the best way to model services, to have availability and incident management aligned with the business, and to have a continuous service improvement process that really works.

To learn more about this, we invite you to read this interesting post at The Visibility Blog.