Here comes “The CIO’s Office”, the best documentary about IT! … or almost


Tango/04 releases the parody about the lack of alignment between IT and Business: “The CIO’s Office”. The film, starring the Tango/04 team, directed by Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO of the company, and filmed at the headquarters of the company in Barcelona, received excellent reviews from the customers who have already seen it.

Do not miss the exclusive trailer for “The CIO’s Office”! Watch it here: It would be funny if it was not so real.

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Improving Service Desk Productivity with a (beautiful) real-time dashboard

Do you know what a dashboard is? You probably do. A dashboard is a tool that allows you to monitor your technology, but also gives you full real-time visibility and lets you interpret key information for your business, quickly and easily.

Before deploying VISUAL Message Center Dashboards in Tango/04s very own Technical Support, some of the department’s work days were in real disorder. They went through veritable moments of “crisis,” because of the excessive quantity of unattended cases, low productivity, high staff turnover, and lack of awareness of the workload that their consultants were facing. Perturbed by this critical situation, the team thought it was time to think in terms of our own products in order to find the solution. That´s how this new initiative started…

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Lmsis in our offices in Barcelona

A few days ago, Ricardo Santos and Diogo Mateus, consultants from our Partner in Portugal, Lmsis, were on-site at our Barcelona headquarters to participate in a training.

During their visit, our consultant Christian Clottu gave them the knowledge needed for the installation of all products comprising the VISUAL Message Center solution, as well as training on the use of all features of our Web products Reports, Dashboards and SmartConsole Web Client.

Also included in the training period was a full explanation of the new implementation module that has recently been launched—the Operations Knowledge Module for IBMi. Moreover, they were introduced to the use of Python code to enhance the functionality of default ThinkServer monitors, and given a detailed training on Data Monitor.

We are really happy to work with our partners!


Happy Programmers’ Day!

Celebrated annually on the 256th day of the year, Programmers’ Day is an international professional holiday recognized in the world of Technology.

We at Tango/04 Group would like to greet all our programmers and thank them for their every day work. None of our software would have been made possible if it weren’t for your efforts developing it.

We invite you to watch the following video about the meaning of being a programmer: So you want to be a developer

Happy Programmer Day!