When your tasks are taking control, AutoMate puts you back in charge


Does it feel like you and your team are spending way too much time doing the same tasks over and over again instead of focusing on more strategic activities?

Tango/04 presents AutoMate, a powerful platform that allows you to easily automate those repetitive yet time-consuming business and IT tasks…without any technical knowledge or manual intervention!

Check out the video and see how you can save a ton of time and energy with AutoMate:

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For more information, visit www.tango04.com/automate or contact us at info@tango04.net to request a demo of AutoMate.

Do not lose your remaining budget! Take advantage of our end-of-year offers


The end of the year is getting closer, as well as, the closing of budgets. If your IT department managed to save part of its 2015 budget… Do you know what to invest this remaining budget in? Otherwise, it could be lost…

Tango/04 Computing Group suggests different options to take advantage of it and benefit your company, ensuring valuable projects for 2016.

Do not lose your remaining 2015 budget! Invest in Tango/04 solutions and make your monitoring project grow.


Learn more about the special Tango/04 offers here or contact an Account Executive.

Insurance Policy Management monitoring with Alignia

Read the following post by our guest blogger, Carlos Lopez, Vertical Strategy Manager at Tango/04 and monitoring expert with over 10 years of experience in the IT area. Carlos will tell the story of James, a CIO at an insurance company, and will show some of the challenges he faces every day.

In this issue: Policy management.

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Alignia colaborates with insurance companies that expect an increase in online sales

According to Accenture, insurance sales through digital channels will reach 25,000 million euros a year in 2016

However, 60% of companies surveyed confessed that they do not have a digital strategy that gives customers full visibility across all channels, or have one that does not cover the entire value chain of insurance. They also identify limitations of their existing computer systems and their inability to react quickly.

Our new product, Alignia, perfectly suits the needs of insurance companies and the expectations of growth of digital channels.

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Help us to improve our services by filling out our Customer Survey!

Three years ago we started to provide customers satisfaction surveys. Thanks to your suggestions we were able to improve the services we offer, adding new and better features:

We want to satisfy all your needs and for that we need your help. Your advice is welcome and will be essential to the implementation of our new and improved services. Continue reading

Get trained with our new eLearning platform University/04

We know that your company is complex and that implementing or maintaining powerful software to monitor your infrastructure and business, can be a challenging project.

In order to provide you the support you need, we’ve launched University/04. A new portal that will allow you to acquire in an easy and fast way, online training courses that will teach you step by step, all you need to know to monitor your company using our products.

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Watch Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium presentations!

Did you miss our Monitoring Symposium? Did you attend, but you’d like to hear the event presentations again? Don’t miss the videos and all the content of the only event focused on corporate monitoring!

We want to share the presentation of Alignia‘s launch with you. Hear from Raul Cristian Aguirre, Tango/04 CEO,  as he presents Alignia, watch live demos of the new modules, learn about new customer experiences, and much more.

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The Press covers the launch of Alignia

The World Press covered the launch of the new Tango/04 product that revolutinizes corporate monitoring.

Alignia is our new product that allows companies to operate fluidly, with no interruptions in a safe environment and with total visibility.

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With Alignia, the revolution in corporate monitoring arrives

After 15 years of experience obtained from successful monitoring project implementations, we’ve launched a new product that is going to revolutionize the industry solving monitoring for the extended company.

Alignia is the new Tango/04 product that allows companies to operate fluidly, with no interruptions in a safe environment and with total visibility.

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A new Tango/04 is here with a successful Monitoring Symposium!

The new edition of the Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium was a complete success. The event was focused on the presentation of a fully renewed Tango/04 and the launch of Alignia, our new product suite that provides corporate monitoring.

We’ve created a new monitoring concept, much faster to deploy, with embedded knowledge and how-to that will provide immediate results to your company. Alignia is integrated by four new products: Online Business Services, Business Processes, Business Applications and Business Security that will allow your business to operate fluidly, with no interruptions, in a safe environment and with extreme visibility, reaching the results you are looking for.

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