Do not lose your remaining budget! Take advantage of our end-of-year offers


The end of the year is getting closer, as well as, the closing of budgets. If your IT department managed to save part of its 2015 budget… Do you know what to invest this remaining budget in? Otherwise, it could be lost…

Tango/04 Computing Group suggests different options to take advantage of it and benefit your company, ensuring valuable projects for 2016.

Do not lose your remaining 2015 budget! Invest in Tango/04 solutions and make your monitoring project grow.


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We help you invest your remaining budget before it disappears!

budget The end of the year is getting closer as well as the closing of budgets. If your IT department managed to save part of its 2014 budget… it could be lost!

To prevent it, why not invest it to benefit your business before the end of the year? We suggest a few ideas that will help benefit your business, making the most of your remaining budget. Continue reading

Alignia colaborates with insurance companies that expect an increase in online sales

According to Accenture, insurance sales through digital channels will reach 25,000 million euros a year in 2016

However, 60% of companies surveyed confessed that they do not have a digital strategy that gives customers full visibility across all channels, or have one that does not cover the entire value chain of insurance. They also identify limitations of their existing computer systems and their inability to react quickly.

Our new product, Alignia, perfectly suits the needs of insurance companies and the expectations of growth of digital channels.

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Help us to improve our services by filling out our Customer Survey!

Three years ago we started to provide customers satisfaction surveys. Thanks to your suggestions we were able to improve the services we offer, adding new and better features:

We want to satisfy all your needs and for that we need your help. Your advice is welcome and will be essential to the implementation of our new and improved services. Continue reading

New Features and Fixes for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole

We are happy to announce that our latest Service Pack for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole – Version 8.0 SP03 is now available to download. This update is quite significant and brings SmartConsole to its best ever performance and stability.

With this SP, messages are now retrieved using multi-thread recollection, improving the speed of recoleection by up to 10 times to older versiones. Additionally:

*If one or more systems are down, recollections from the active connections are not stopped.

*Each recollection for every system is individual: if a connection to a system has a lot of events it will not affect the recollection of the other connections

In this SP we are also introducing new features and changes such as:

*Improvement on the performance of SmartConsole’s storage system: it can now process many more messages per second.

*Improvement on the integration with other products such as SmartConsole Web Client and Dashboards: changes in components such as Business Views are now shown instantaneously in all products.

This Service Pack may also contain one or more past HotFixes and other goodies. 

To obtain more information, please visit our Customer Portal or our Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner.

Improving Service Desk Productivity with a (beautiful) real-time dashboard

Do you know what a dashboard is? You probably do. A dashboard is a tool that allows you to monitor your technology, but also gives you full real-time visibility and lets you interpret key information for your business, quickly and easily.

Before deploying VISUAL Message Center Dashboards in Tango/04s very own Technical Support, some of the department’s work days were in real disorder. They went through veritable moments of “crisis,” because of the excessive quantity of unattended cases, low productivity, high staff turnover, and lack of awareness of the workload that their consultants were facing. Perturbed by this critical situation, the team thought it was time to think in terms of our own products in order to find the solution. That´s how this new initiative started…

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We’ve launched our Customer Portal!

We have great news! Starting this week, our customers have the opportunity to access an exclusive web portal, where they will find all the information available related to our products and services, our monitoring solution, and many other interesting materials.


This initiative came up as a result of our last year’s customer satisfaction survey. We think this tool is going to be extremely useful as it has been designed based on needs indicated by our customers.

Some of the sections you can find in the Portal are:

  • My Account: Products and hired services, important contact information, reports and requests for Advanced Services.
  • Training: Includes technical documents and video tutorials.
  • Support: You can open a Technical Support case and obtain technical information from our Knowledge Base.
  • Product Updates: Access new product updates like HotFixes.
  • News and events: Details of our current promotions and communications.

For further information, contact us by sending an email to