Thank you for joining us this year. Happy 2017!

2016 was a year of changes and new acquisitions, of projects and expansion. Tango/04 became part of HelpSystems company, adding new products to its portfolio and expanding the solutions offering.

We thank our customers and Business Partners for joining us in such an important year of growth for the company.

We wish you the best for this 2017!

Discover our New Year greeting:

Which is the role of the Security team in a digitalization project? Listen to the CISO of Nationale-Nederlanden

At the Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium 2015, Jordi Bueno, CIO at Nationale-Nederlanden, introduced the digitization project carried out by his company in order to be more profitable. On this occasion, Roberto Veronesse, CISO of the company, explains in an interview the fundamental role of the Security team in this project.

This digitization project dramatically modified Nationale-Nederlanden, extending its presence in the country, while lowering its costs by 85%. But in return the technological complexity increased and mostly the Security risks of the insurance sales and pre-sales process, which so far had been on paper. That is why Veronsse says: “The digitization project is entirely based on Security.”

“In Security you receive scoring goals every time… there are constant threats, a lot of Messis and Cristianos Ronaldos around…” -says Roberto, using soccer as a metaphor. He explains that the Security at Nationale-Nederlanden has a three level security strategy to prevent vulnerability in applications, fraud or any suspicious behavior in a process or application, which can result in a Business risk.

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Take a look at the CC&G command center in Rome!

Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia (CC&G), part of the London Stock Exchange Group, is the clearinghouse responsible for all the italian transactions involving derivates, cash equity and government bonds.

In the photo below, you can see how CC&G uses Alignia in a great command center in Rome to get visibility on their critical business services and processes of the stock markets. 


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The world’s largest stock of brandy, monitored by Alignia

Oréco is a French company dedicated to the storage of Cognac, with the largest brandy stock in the world. In less than 5 minutes, Daniel de Saint Ours, General Director at Oréco, explains how critical IT is to the Business and his experience with Alignia.

“To the Business of Oréco it is essential to keep the the flow of information between the warehouses and the central system, and between the central system and the IT department of our most important customers, since we transmit all the set of information in real time to them too”, says Daniel de Saint Ours, who states that IT represents the 50% of total activity at Oréco. That’s why Alignia has an essential role in the company: “I now permanently know the service level of my Information System and in case of problems I know exactly and very precisely which item does not work.”


Watch the video in which the head of Oréco explains the challenges of its IT department to give good service to the Business and how Alignia helps him to have absolute visibility of the data stock to identify each critical problem: the quality of service and availability rate of the Business.

Do not miss the interview here.

Interview with the CIO of CIB Bank Hungary in 5 minutes

Csaba Gallo, CIO of  CIB Bank in Hungary, the fourth largest bank in Hungary with more than 500,000 customers served through 100 branches, shares his experience with Alignia for Online Business Services in an interview.


Learn in 5 minutes, what are the biggest challenges the bank faces and why they decided to adopt a monitoring strategy for its critical online services, such as the online banking, and how Alignia helped them.

Watch the video of the interview here.

Discover “The CIO’s Office”, the best documentary about IT!… or almost


Why does the CIO have an ultimatum if everything seems to be OK?

The Tango/04 team stars in “The CIO’s Office”, the parody about the lack of alignment between Business and IT departments.

Watch it in three episodes: today, tomorrow and Thursday at

Don’t miss it! It would be funny if it was not so real.

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Watch Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium presentations!

Did you miss our Monitoring Symposium? Did you attend, but you’d like to hear the event presentations again? Don’t miss the videos and all the content of the only event focused on corporate monitoring!

We want to share the presentation of Alignia‘s launch with you. Hear from Raul Cristian Aguirre, Tango/04 CEO,  as he presents Alignia, watch live demos of the new modules, learn about new customer experiences, and much more.

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Our team invites you to Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium

A new Tango/04 is coming and we are really excited to share it with you! That’s why we invite you to a new edition of Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium, next Friday May 23rd in Meliá Sitges Hotel, Barcelona.

Meanwhile, our team gives you a preview about what to expect from the new Tango/04 and why you can’t miss the event:

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Webinar: Learn how to protect, mitigate and align all that matters

After doing hundreds of successful deployments all over the world and collecting intelligence we have developed our Multiplatform Security Knowledge Module.

In almost 20 minutes you will discover how to easily protect all that matters, mitigate operational risks in real time and align the area of Information Security with the overall Business strategy.


At this event, we will show you how to:

  • Monitor Security incidents in real time
  • Model Security assets
  • Analyze the impact of detected incidentss de of detected incidents
  • Get Total Visibility through web-based dashboards
  • Automatically generate Compliance report

Watch the webinar recording by clicking here.

Does your company have a Quality Department?

How would you evaluate the service your company gives to its customers? Does the organization have a Quality Department? How aligned is the rest of the company with it?


Consumers’ high demands become more critical and raise impact on the business. In order to both get new customers and keep existing ones, companies need to pay more attention to customers’ expectations and needs.

Facing the strong competitiveness of an increasingly dynamic environment, it is important that companies have pleased customers. A consumer orientation for their products or services will provide them with better chances to reach success.

That is why it is necessary to incorporate a system focused on quality, adopting practices that help to achieve set objectives. This function can be directed by a Quality Department who are responsible for inspecting, monitoring and validating processes based on predefined standards based on customer demands.

So, for this year, defining a Quality area is something that should not be missing from the strategic plan of your company.

Companies that already have it overcome those who still don´t, because they offer better services and therefore retain their customers better and lose them less, thus protecting the revenue. And not only that, satisfied clients speak well of your business and attract new clients. It is a virtuous circle.

On the other hand, in companies where there is no good Quality management, the effect is the opposite, and that’s the risk that should be avoided.

The challenge for all IT, Risk, Security, Compliance, Audit, Services departments, is a challenge for us as professionals and for the company towards customers. We will not be successful if we are not helpful“.

To learn more about this click here to watch our CEO’s Raul Cristian Aguirre, presentation during our 2012 Monitoring Symposium in Spain.