New images in our website!


We invite you to visit a new section of our website, where we collect the best pictures of Tango/04: Alignia screenshots, pictures of our events and the winning photographs of our annual photo contest.

You will find pictures of some important moments in the history of Tango/04, such as the opening of the new headquarters in Barcelona, the Monitoring Symposium different editions for our customers, the winning photos of the contest in different years, and much more.

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Discover the new section on our website:

Watch Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium presentations!

Did you miss our Monitoring Symposium? Did you attend, but you’d like to hear the event presentations again? Don’t miss the videos and all the content of the only event focused on corporate monitoring!

We want to share the presentation of Alignia‘s launch with you. Hear from Raul Cristian Aguirre, Tango/04 CEO,  as he presents Alignia, watch live demos of the new modules, learn about new customer experiences, and much more.

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A new Tango/04 is here with a successful Monitoring Symposium!

The new edition of the Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium was a complete success. The event was focused on the presentation of a fully renewed Tango/04 and the launch of Alignia, our new product suite that provides corporate monitoring.

We’ve created a new monitoring concept, much faster to deploy, with embedded knowledge and how-to that will provide immediate results to your company. Alignia is integrated by four new products: Online Business Services, Business Processes, Business Applications and Business Security that will allow your business to operate fluidly, with no interruptions, in a safe environment and with extreme visibility, reaching the results you are looking for.

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Why our CEO thinks that you can’t miss the Monitoring Symposium?

“It is not because it is the only European event solely dedicated to Monitoring, it is not because we are going to present a radical change in the way leading companies do business, it is not because of the fine Mediterranean cuisine, the nice people or the awesome venue.

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And the winner is…

This year’s photography contest has come to an end. From all entries, a special Tango/04 jury has selected the 12 most striking photos.

On top of that, they were challenged to choose the contest winner, who will get to pick the prize from either a New 16GB iPad or a Nikon D3000 digital SLR camera!

View the selected photos now!

We’d like to thank all participating clients. Special congratulations go out to those whose photographs will shine in our 2013 calendar!

Every year, thousands of IT professionals all around the world appreciate your artistic efforts and decorate their desks with the Tango/04 calendar.

BIG DATA forum by LEVEL3

A few days ago, Walter Silveti, our Sales Manager for Latin America, participated as a speaker at the Level 3 forum: “BIG DATA, SMALL WORLD. Looking to convert data into reliable and timely information,” wich took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Walter took an interesting approach on this topic as he highlighted that, despite the huge volume of data and information that companies generate today, only what is relevant to rhe business is important to management.

Also, being one of the only Security specialists at the event, he explained how “Big Data is a Big Problem”, when it comes to Security, as operating systems, databases, communication equipment and applications generate a huge amount of information complying with the 3Vs: Volume, Variety and Velocity.

There is a big variety of logs in which events are registered in different formats. That is why it is very important to have an efficient tool to correlate and detect certain situations in real time. A security log generates a huge amount of data per day and not all of it is relevant. Moreover, this data is saved in different ways, which are not standardized, due to which it´s important to be able to reduce that amount of information and standardize it to ease its management,” said Walter.

In the financial system, for example, all this information is used to analyze the compliance of several regulations and practices such as: rules from the Central Bank or supervisory entities, and international norms such as SOX or PCI. That’s how we add another V with our monitoring tool: the V for VISIBILITY, an extra V that really contributes and adds value to the business, turning data into trusty and timely information.

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Tango/04 Photography Contest for the 2013 Calendar

As the year´s end is approaching… so is the Tango/04 annual Photography Contest.  We therefore invite you to submit your best photos and participate for a position in our 2013 Calendar.

A special Tango/04 jury will select the best 12 images that will be viewed by hundreds of our customers from countries all over the world.

The protographer of the winning picture will get to choose one of two spectacular prizes: a New iPad of 16GB or a Nikon D3000 digital SRL camera!

If you are a Tango/04 customer, send us your pictures and join the 500 predecessors that have already participated in the contest. Send an email to and we will provide you with the rules and conditions to be able to participate in the contest.

You have until Monday, October 29th, to submit your photos!

Introducing Holistic Monitoring at the 5th edition of our Monitoring Symposium

  • Our Monitoring Symposium gathered more than 200 CIO’s of the Banking and Insurance sectors
  • Companies such as BBVA and Zurich Insurance presented their case studies
  • Total visibility in monitoring allows you to align technology and business, reducing operation costs up to 68%


Tango/04 – Barcelona/04 Monitoring Symposium, the only event dedicated exclusively to issues regarding resource optimization and operations through real-time monitoring, gathered more than 200 IT professionals from over 20 countries at PortAventura Conventions Center and Bioparque Temaikén, in Spain and Argentina, respectively.

During the days of the event, Insurance and Banking companies such as BBVA and Zurich Insurance presented their case studies, shared their experiences with the audience, and demonstrated the latest IT trends.

We officially presented our revolutionary tool that provides holistic control by monitoring the activities of each of the departments of a company with global visibility.

“With Holistic Monitoring you can be proactive and manage technology in terms of Business, avoiding risks and money and  prestige losses” – said Raul Cristian Aguirre, our CEO.

To watch the videos of the event, go to: Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium  –  Barcelona/04 Monitoring Symposium