Tango/04 and HelpSystems reveal trends for the future of IBM i


Tango/04 and HelpSystems recently conducted a survey regarding the current status of the IBM i platform and how it relates to IT goals for 2016. More than 800 IT professionals in many countries and industries responded, offering rare insight into their plans and priorities and how this platform is being used today.

Tom Huntington, Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems and author of the results report, includes:

  • Expert recommendations
  • Data center characteristics
  • Major projects and investments
  • Modernization, mobility, and security trends
  • Analysis on the future of IBM i

The report shows how IBM i systems continue to have a strong presence in many companies and in their projects for 2016. The report contains very useful information for any IBM i user”, says Florencia Puñal, Marketing Manager at Tango/04.

If you’re an IBM i enthusiast, don’t miss this report! Download your free copy here.


30 minutes with the new Tango/04 leadership and the CEO of HelpSystems

webinar t04 en_

A few days ago, the new Tango/04 leaders and Chris Heim, CEO of HelpSystems, led a webinar exclusive for customers, to present the latest news about the alliance of these two companies, announced in February.

The session was held by Paolo Cappello, new Tango/04 GM, who introduced the new leaders of the company and he assured that the main Tango/04 values will remain the same and will match HelpSystems’: “Customer comes first”

Chris Heim describes this union as a strategy to expand the presence of HelpSystems in Europe and Latin America, and stressed the offices of Tango/04 in Barcelona and Buenos Aires as key points for the development of HelpSystems.

Nicolas Brosky, Sales Director for Americas, and Jenko Gaviglia, Sales Director for EMEA at Tango/04, also participated in the session and stated that we will continue to invest in Alignia and the Tango/04 products to reach a larger market.

Also, they introduced the HelpSystems’ products that complete the current Tango/04 offer in areas such as Systems and Network Management, Business Intelligence and Security.

If you missed the webinar, watch the recording! Meet HelpSystems and discover what this partnership represents, in just 30 minutes. Also, listen to the answers to the customers’ questions about this new stage of the company.

Do not miss the video. Watch it here!

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IT Jungle: “Tango/04 boosts IT-Business alignment capabilities”

Dan Burger, from IT Jungle, a technology specialized media group, provides his opinion about Alignia and what it offers to the IBM i community on an interesting article.

The article also explains how Tango/04 takes the approach of managing infrastructure according to business needs and the importance of aligning IT and Business, including the opinion of Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO of Tango/04.

Click here to read the full article.

25 years of IBM i (or AS/400)

Twenty-five years ago, at Rochester, Minnesota, the last details for the presentation of IBM Application System 400, also known as AS/400, were being finalized at IBM’s offices. This launch would allow small and medium enterprises to have hundreds of exclusive applications available for each industry on one single platform.

Later, this successful system expanded across the globe, and changed its name into what we now know as the IBM i platform.

In those days, Tango/04 decided to join IBM through the best monitoring technology on the market for AS/400, and has followed the growth of its community since then. That’s why for this anniversary, we’d like to share with you an exclusive piece of material: the audio from the conference that Frank Soltis, IBM i Technology head, gave in 2008, where he reviews the past and reveals the future of this successful platform.

Soltis Webinar

It’s calculated that more than 100 thousand companies worldwide use these systems, and it is in South America, Europe and Asia where the biggest concentration of IBM i servers is found. The usage of this technology is extensive in the banking and financial services industry, where Tango/04 has consolidated its leadership with specific peak-performing management and security solutions.

Today, 25 years after its release, we continue accompanying the successful evolution of this platform with our new iSeries Knowledge Module, a full monitoring surrounding that provides modern and agile availability and performance management, aligned with business and IBM I systems and applications.

We bring you this unique document, which was one of the last public appearances that the father of AS/400 made before retiring.

Listen to Frank Soltis Conference

Congratulations IBM i!