When your tasks are taking control, AutoMate puts you back in charge


Does it feel like you and your team are spending way too much time doing the same tasks over and over again instead of focusing on more strategic activities?

Tango/04 presents AutoMate, a powerful platform that allows you to easily automate those repetitive yet time-consuming business and IT tasks…without any technical knowledge or manual intervention!

Check out the video and see how you can save a ton of time and energy with AutoMate:

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For more information, visit www.tango04.com/automate or contact us at info@tango04.net to request a demo of AutoMate.

Linoma joins HelpSystems

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We have some exciting news to share. Last week HelpSystems, parent company of Tango/04, announced that it has acquired the software company Linoma. This company has been growing fast because of its market-leading solutions that include encrypted managed file transfer (MFT) that runs on all major operating systems and an encryption offering specifically for IBM i. By adding this group of experts and their products to our team, we broaden our portfolio of security software at a time when demand has never been stronger.

Based in Ashland, Nebraska, Linoma is no newcomer to the security space. Over the past 20 years they have been delivering solutions to organizations of all sizes and industries. Users love their software because it lets them centralize secure data exchange with business partners, customers, and employees—thanks to robust encryption at rest, in motion, and a full audit trail. As many of you know, this is key to better protecting confidential information and staying compliant with regulations.

The great team at Linoma will still be led by its president and founder Bob Leubbe and they’ll continue to develop, support, and sell their solutions. It’s exciting that by combining our expertise, we can be a more complete security partner.

For current Tango/04 and HelpSystems customers, it’s business as usual. They can continue to count on us to deliver innovative software, support, and services—as they’ve come to expect. Of course, if they have needs for encryption, managed file transfer or any HelpSystems products, we’d love to see if we can help!

For any questions, comments or concerns, please contact marketing@tango04.net, we will be glad to help you.

If you want to learn more about Linoma, visit: www.linomasoftware.com

Tango/04 and HelpSystems reveal trends for the future of IBM i


Tango/04 and HelpSystems recently conducted a survey regarding the current status of the IBM i platform and how it relates to IT goals for 2016. More than 800 IT professionals in many countries and industries responded, offering rare insight into their plans and priorities and how this platform is being used today.

Tom Huntington, Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems and author of the results report, includes:

  • Expert recommendations
  • Data center characteristics
  • Major projects and investments
  • Modernization, mobility, and security trends
  • Analysis on the future of IBM i

The report shows how IBM i systems continue to have a strong presence in many companies and in their projects for 2016. The report contains very useful information for any IBM i user”, says Florencia Puñal, Marketing Manager at Tango/04.

If you’re an IBM i enthusiast, don’t miss this report! Download your free copy here.


Tango/04 Computing Group joins HelpSystems

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We want to share with you great news about our company: starting today, Tango/04 Computing Group will become part of the international company HelpSystems.

With over 30 years of experience and 315 employees, HelpSystems is a world leader in software for IT and Business process automation, information security, business intelligence and more. Every day more than 9,000 organizations across the globe rely on HelpSystems to automate and simplify system and network management, secure data, and give people simple access to information they need.

We believe that this step will be a great success for both companies. HelpSystems and Tango/04 share the mission of making IT teams more efficient and supportive of their business. Through this alliance, Tango/04 will gain greater resources to better serve its customers and develop their monitoring solutions, will further expand its global coverage, as well as being able to offer HelpSystems’ innovative products. In turn, HelpSystems will incorporate our successful product Alignia to its portfolio, and strengthen its presence in the European and Latin American markets, where Tango/04 has strong market share and hundreds of customers.

With respect to operations, our customers and partners will not notice any changes as Tango/04 will continue to support them as it has done so far, developing and marketing their products, and operating from its offices in Barcelona and Buenos Aires with the same style that characterizes our company and team: warmth, passion, transparency and good faith.

Thank you again for trusting us. We are so excited for you to join us in this new era for our company.

If you have  any questions or comments about this news, don’t hesitate to contact marketing@tango04.net

About HelpSystems

HelpSystems empowers IT professionals to excel like never before. Every day more than 9,000 organizations across the globe rely on HelpSystems to automate and simplify system and network management, secure data, and give people simple access to information they need. For critical needs like IT and business process automation, system security, network mapping, document management, and business intelligence, HelpSystems makes IT lives easier and keeps businesses running smoothly. Learn more at www.helpsystems.com

How Alignia helps you with your Omni-channel / Digital Transformation strategy?


Digital Transformation projects rely heavily on enabling new delivery channels and business functions, leveraging the Internet, smart mobile devices, extended enterprises, Big Data and Machine Learning to generate increased profits from an extended audience while reducing or completely eliminating the inconvenience and cost of manual procedures.

For most companies, offering the proper user experience across all the digital channels is key to competing in the new economy. 

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Which is the role of the Security team in a digitalization project? Listen to the CISO of Nationale-Nederlanden

At the Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium 2015, Jordi Bueno, CIO at Nationale-Nederlanden, introduced the digitization project carried out by his company in order to be more profitable. On this occasion, Roberto Veronesse, CISO of the company, explains in an interview the fundamental role of the Security team in this project.

This digitization project dramatically modified Nationale-Nederlanden, extending its presence in the country, while lowering its costs by 85%. But in return the technological complexity increased and mostly the Security risks of the insurance sales and pre-sales process, which so far had been on paper. That is why Veronsse says: “The digitization project is entirely based on Security.”

“In Security you receive scoring goals every time… there are constant threats, a lot of Messis and Cristianos Ronaldos around…” -says Roberto, using soccer as a metaphor. He explains that the Security at Nationale-Nederlanden has a three level security strategy to prevent vulnerability in applications, fraud or any suspicious behavior in a process or application, which can result in a Business risk.

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The world’s largest stock of brandy, monitored by Alignia

Oréco is a French company dedicated to the storage of Cognac, with the largest brandy stock in the world. In less than 5 minutes, Daniel de Saint Ours, General Director at Oréco, explains how critical IT is to the Business and his experience with Alignia.

“To the Business of Oréco it is essential to keep the the flow of information between the warehouses and the central system, and between the central system and the IT department of our most important customers, since we transmit all the set of information in real time to them too”, says Daniel de Saint Ours, who states that IT represents the 50% of total activity at Oréco. That’s why Alignia has an essential role in the company: “I now permanently know the service level of my Information System and in case of problems I know exactly and very precisely which item does not work.”


Watch the video in which the head of Oréco explains the challenges of its IT department to give good service to the Business and how Alignia helps him to have absolute visibility of the data stock to identify each critical problem: the quality of service and availability rate of the Business.

Do not miss the interview here.

Insurance Policy Management monitoring with Alignia (part II)

Read the continuation of the posts written by our guest blogger, Carlos Lopez, Vertical Strategy Manager at Tango/04 and monitoring expert with over 10 years of experience in the IT area. Carlos will tell the story of James, a CIO at an insurance company, and will show some of the challenges he faces every day. This is the second issue of: Insurance Policy Management.

Click here to read the first part of the story, if you haven’t done it yet.

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IT Jungle: “Tango/04 boosts IT-Business alignment capabilities”

Dan Burger, from IT Jungle, a technology specialized media group, provides his opinion about Alignia and what it offers to the IBM i community on an interesting article.

The article also explains how Tango/04 takes the approach of managing infrastructure according to business needs and the importance of aligning IT and Business, including the opinion of Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO of Tango/04.

Click here to read the full article.

Discover the agenda of Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium 2015 European edition

On Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of October at La Pedrera, Barcelona (Spain), the seventh edition of the traditional Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium will take place.

After the successful edition in Latin America, the European edition with a very full agenda is coming:

The IT Deputy Director of MAPFRE, Santiago Gonzalez Ruiz and the CIO at Nationale-Nederlanden Spain, Jordi Buenos Molpeceres, will take part of a panel of Financial companies. There will be a live-interview to Roberto Veronesse Alvarez, IT Security Officer at Nationale-Nederlanden Spain, who will speak about the challenges of the Information Security departments. In addition, the attendees will hear two interviews, with the Managing Director of Oreco and the IT Director of CIB Bank.

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