New images in our website!


We invite you to visit a new section of our website, where we collect the best pictures of Tango/04: Alignia screenshots, pictures of our events and the winning photographs of our annual photo contest.

You will find pictures of some important moments in the history of Tango/04, such as the opening of the new headquarters in Barcelona, the Monitoring Symposium different editions for our customers, the winning photos of the contest in different years, and much more.

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Discover the new section on our website:

With Alignia, the revolution in corporate monitoring arrives

After 15 years of experience obtained from successful monitoring project implementations, we’ve launched a new product that is going to revolutionize the industry solving monitoring for the extended company.

Alignia is the new Tango/04 product that allows companies to operate fluidly, with no interruptions in a safe environment and with total visibility.

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TechTip: How to know which of our solution’s products you have.

In the context of high demands like today’s, where time is always scarce, our Customer Support team wants to share the quickest and easiest way for you to recognize which of our solution’s products are installed in your environment, and what versions they are.

To make your job easier, at Tango /04 we use a CRM in which we have loaded information about all your machines and the products active in each, at each of our customers’ sites. In case you need help to identify which product you have got, you can contact your Account Executive and he or she will provide you with that information.

If you need to know which version of a product is installed, we recommend you follow these instructions, as they differ depending on product:

  • Windows Products: In the interface, go to HELP then About
  • Web Products: From your Web browser, click HELP, then About
  • iSeries Products: Click here to learn more.

If you have any comments, please don´t hesitate to e-mail