When your tasks are taking control, AutoMate puts you back in charge


Does it feel like you and your team are spending way too much time doing the same tasks over and over again instead of focusing on more strategic activities?

Tango/04 presents AutoMate, a powerful platform that allows you to easily automate those repetitive yet time-consuming business and IT tasks…without any technical knowledge or manual intervention!

Check out the video and see how you can save a ton of time and energy with AutoMate:

screen video EN

For more information, visit www.tango04.com/automate or contact us at info@tango04.net to request a demo of AutoMate.

Tango/04 and HelpSystems reveal trends for the future of IBM i


Tango/04 and HelpSystems recently conducted a survey regarding the current status of the IBM i platform and how it relates to IT goals for 2016. More than 800 IT professionals in many countries and industries responded, offering rare insight into their plans and priorities and how this platform is being used today.

Tom Huntington, Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems and author of the results report, includes:

  • Expert recommendations
  • Data center characteristics
  • Major projects and investments
  • Modernization, mobility, and security trends
  • Analysis on the future of IBM i

The report shows how IBM i systems continue to have a strong presence in many companies and in their projects for 2016. The report contains very useful information for any IBM i user”, says Florencia Puñal, Marketing Manager at Tango/04.

If you’re an IBM i enthusiast, don’t miss this report! Download your free copy here.


Tech Improvement Notice – Smart Console

We have technical news to share with you.

Product: SmartConsole
Improvement: Two new ALEV functions are available for use in SmartConsole. They are described in:

  • B.1.13 (page 213): Activate or Deactivate an Alarm Folder
  • B.1.14 (page 213): Retrieve an Array with All Calendar Names

Updated Documents:

Product :
Product Version:
Product Documentation
VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole – User Guide
Description: Product manual for VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole 8.0.
Also applies to: File extension:
Doc. Version:
Last Update:

For more information about technical document updates please enter our Customer Portal or the Business Partener Portal if you are a Partner.

Challenging the Mayan prophecy: Happy New Year!


Presuming the Mayan prophecy will not come true; a new year is coming soon!

We’d like to encourage you to always seize the day and start off 2013 with the most ambitious goals and the highest expectations.

Our team is ready to provide value through relevant, agile and successful projects, so you, your department, and your company advance.

See you again next year with new and breakthrough monitoring ideas.

All the best for 2013!

Agile modeling of critical Business Services

Critical business services should be available at all times. Therefore, one of the main functions of the IT Department is to ensure the normal functioning of all the technology components that support those services.

We’d like to show you how to model the Critical Services of your company in just a matter of days, using a method that is simple, flexible, intuitive, and 100% compatible with ITIL Version 3.

Modeling Critical Business Services

Our monitoring solution can help you to easily:

  • Speed up IT processes
  • Meet business needs in a proactive manner
  • Increase the credibility and relevance of IT within the company

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New HotFix for VISUAL Message Center Dashboards

We have released a new HotFix for VISUAL Message Center Dashboards: Version 2.5 SP01 HF01.

Download it from our Web site (or from the Business Partner Portal if you are a Partner): http://www.tango04.com/support/new-hotfix-visual-message-center-dashboards-v25

Please remember that Hotfixes are patches for specific, particular purposes. If you are not experiencing any issues this HotFix should not be applied, unless instructed otherwise by our representatives.

Ensure the availability of your Online Quotation Service

Online Quotation - ENG

Insurance companies throughout the world use Online Quotation applications as one of the main channels for agents, banks and clients to request quotations and to issue insurance policies. Any delay in response time of this service can result in the loss of new sales, damage the company image and negatively impact user satisfaction.

This video shows how leading insurance companies all over the world, such as Zurich Financial Services, ING Nationale-Nederlanden, and MAPFRE,  ensure their service levels and very easily obtain real-time visibility of their Online Quotation, using Tango/04 solutions.

Supported Databases

“Is SmartConsole 8.0 compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012?”
“Does AccessServer support Oracle 10g?”

In addition to monitoring a variable range of databases, our solution can also store its own events across a range of commercial databases.

Since we often receive questions concerning databases, here we share with you a document with different databases supported by our products.

Click here to read the complete document: http://kb.tango04.com/sites/default/files/all-t04_dbms-en.pdf

Pressure Relief for Insurance companies: How we make your Processes more Agile

Oracle released a white paper this week focusing on the modernization of applications in the insurance industry and how early adopters of agile technology have gained a competitive edge. The problem is that modernizing is time-consuming and complex and if you don’t have a good process, it’s going to be even harder to deploy.

In addition, if you’re not monitoring new services and able to measure not only if the service is available but also if it is meeting your business needs, your process is not complete. How can you prove that the business is getting their ROI in the modernization?

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Manage your incidents with agility

Technical incidents never come alone. You typically need to deal with 2, 3, or more incidents simultaneously. So how do you correctly prioritize, using business impact as a crucial criterion, which incident to solve first?

This is why we propose an efficient approach for the monitoring and resolution of incidents, by alerting about what has most impact on the business. Watch the following video to learn about Agile Incident Management.

Our products help your processes to become agile, while proactively responding to business needs.

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